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"It has given me great joy to hear and work with the wonderful harpist and teacher, Gail Barber. She is the best harpist I know . . . a true artist, musician, soloist . . . highly skilled . . . sensitive. She has my greatest admiration."


Gail Barber is a world renowned harpist and composer. She is recognized for her sensitivity and color. Gail is a professor of music at Texas Tech University and has performed internationally both with orchestras and as a soloist. To listen to her music, click on the links below.



Reinhold Glière
Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
in E-flat major, Op. 74

Gurer Aykal, Conductor, Lubbock Sinfonietta

I.  Allegro moderato

II. Tema con variazioni

III. Allegro giocoso


Abridged Original Composition by Gail Barber


Original Music



Gail Barber, harpist

Voices of Angels
Imploring: In the Presence
In the Cloister
Garden of Paradise: Meditation



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